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Today, In this tutorial of Bootstrap 4 I will tell you all the facts of Bootstrap 4 Tables. Most of the tables are used for showing data in table structure. If you want to show some data to website visitors then you have two ways of showing data. you can show data in unstructured formate or you can in the structured data. If you are showing data in proper structure then users like to read data and they will stay on your website.

Basically, HTML provides a Simple structured table for your data. But now in 2019 Trending of responsive websites, HTML Table will not comfortable for all the devices. For remove, this uncomfortably bootstrap presents a table with amazing designs and structures with responsiveness. There are many versions are available in the bootstrap directory. Bootstrap presents some new and updates contents in all the new versions.

So in this tutorial, we will discuss the Bootstrap 4 Table structure. and learn how this will help you to represent your data with attractiveness. and also know all the versions in very deeply with separated and very easy examples.

Use of Bootstrap 4 Tables

Generally, Bootstrap tables are used to reading data very easily. In the table structure, you can read data very softly and easily. And also looks very professional and attractive. This will force users to read data. and also user like. You can use tables in different colors and different sizes with responsiveness. Now, we go to all the see all the tables with examples.

Examples of Bootstrap 4 Table

1. Simple Table of bootstrap 4

You can use a simple table with lightweight paddings. If you want to add this table in your project, You just have to add a class wich named with
.table. This will structure your data in simple formate without any kind of designs and hover effects. Now you can see the example of this method.

Example of a Simple Table

2. Hover Rows Table of bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 gives us a table with amazing hover effects. you can use a table with hover effects if you want. somewhere we have the requirement of hover effect tables. There we can use this table structure simply. just you have to add the .table-hover Class and you will see your table has an amazing hover effect. Let's see an example of this class.

Example of a Hover Table

3. Bordered Table of bootstrap 4

This one is also a structure of bootstrap tables. In this method, you can easily bordered your table. Some were if you have to need of showing the proper border of the table then you can use this method. It’s very easy to implement bootstrap projects. You have to add .table-bordered this class only in the tag. and this will start work. I have a simple example for you. There is one another class for table Borderless. If you have a need to hiding border then you can using .table-borderless class.

Example of Bordered Table

4. Black Or Dark Table of bootstrap 4

In bootstrap 4 you can make your table with back or dark color. In this method, your table will convert into black/dark colors very easily. There is also a class available for making your table colored black or dark. also, you can color only your thread of table using .thead-dark and.thead-light classes.

Example of Black Or Dark Table

5. Striped Table of bootstrap 4

In the Bootstrap version 4, you can create a striped table using a .table-striped class. Also, you can use more then one classes if you have a requirement. There are no limitations to using classes in the table tag. Now let us see the example of a striped table of bootstrap 4.

Example of Striped Table

Various Color of Bootstrap 4 Tables

We have many colors in bootstrap for use in tables. we can make a colorful table very easily using some classes. Bootstrap provides us more than 5 various colors for tables. and all the colors indicate some specific signs. First, Let’s check the list of colors in bootstrap 4 to tables. and after that, I will give you an example of how to make a table colorful. If you want just change tables some rows then you can also. I will give just one example for the colors of the table from this example you can practice all the colors. You have to change the class name only.

List of Bootstrap 4 Table Colors

These all the colors which bootstrap 4 provides for different types of indicators. all are free of cost. so you can practice all these examples. Now, I am going to show you an example of these colors. We will make a table with
.table-success and .table-hover classes. Both classes create a green table with a hover effect.

Example of Green Table with Hover Effect

Various Sizes of Bootstrap 4 Tables

As we have seen the various colors for the tables the same as here another class for the responsiveness of tables. Using this class you can make your table responsive in various screen sizes. These classes work the same as the grid system. If you don’t know how the grid system works then you can also read the post of the grid system. Same as colors we will see the list of all the screen size and after that, I will give you an example of Screen size. If you have used a .table-responsive-md then while your table opens in less then 768px this will be responsive.

List of Bootstrap 4 Table Screen Size

Example of Responsive Table

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** Conclusion **

This is the story of bootstrap 4 tables 😍 I hope you understand all the methods and all the information of tables. Now, You just have to practice this. If you have any kind of query then you can ask me any time from any social media like,, , , etc. But I would refer you to ask me questions in the bottom comment box because this will help new readers. You can also contact me on our page.

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